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How to add VFX to your videos

A how-to guide for users totally new to the VFX community.

Free VFX editing software options

Not every option, but some of our favorites.

Finding hidden elements in AE

Help with locating hidden keyframes, layers, controls and comps in AE.

Finding hidden controls in AE

Help with locating hidden masks, light and camera wireframes, controls, or layer handles in AE.

How to Create Viral Videos

We have interviewed the best and consolidated this list of the 10 best kept secrets for creating viral videos in 2022. Give it a read, some of these tips may surprise you!

Learning Center:

3D Texturing Concepts for Beginners

New to 3D modelling or looking to learn more about applying 3D textures professionally? Learn the key principles of CGI texturing here.

Learn Z-Brush, Substance Painter and C4D

Brush up on your skill with C4D, Pose Morphing and the power of animated Bit-Maps in this Free tutorial.

Pro Rotoscoping Tutorial

Learn masking, the Roto-Brush tool, rotoscoping with Mocha AE, and techniques to avoid rotoscoping altogether.

Video Tutorials

Improve your production skills with these tips, tricks, and step by step instructional videos in After Effects, Hitfilm, Final Cut, Premiere, Sony Vegas, iMovie and More.

Written Tutorials

Written guides to improve your production quality and speed up your workflow.

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ProductionCrate Home

The main production hub. Find the latest news and updates, browse featured HD categories, request a resource, or join the latest contests.

FootageCrate Home

Stunning HD visual effects and motion graphics, including thousands of lossless (RAW quality) options.

SoundsCrate Home

High Fidelity HD Sounds and Original Royalty Free Music Tracks by Hollywood industry professionals.

GraphicsCrate Home

Production-ready images for filmmakers, and content-creators with ultra high-resolution options up to HD 11K available.

RenderCrate Home

Textured Production Ready Objects for your 3D Renders, Movies, and Games.

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