Q: Can I use the music / video effects in projects that I intend to make money on? A:Yes! You are free to use the downloads...
Getting started & basic info:
We host over 10,000 custom made HD production resources, that's multiple servers worth of content all at your fingertips!
Our assets are compatible with all editing suites! We provide several download formats so that you can use whichever editing software you are most comfortable with or have installed.
Our team is constantly producing new content (nearly every day), and we upload finished items in bulk at least once per week.
We don't provide cookie cutter content! All our assets are top quality, 100% original, and developed by Hollywood industry professionals. Our HD VFX and Motion Graphics all use lossless codecs (retaining the true raw color and detail) and are pre-matted to save you time. Our fully-mastered HD audio components can be downloaded as full WAV files or as MP3. Our Graphics and Objects archives host assets up to HD-11K, and ultra-photorealistic models so they can compliment a wide range of scenes and purposes. We provide flexible and useful resources which we have found a need for ourselves, or have had requested to us by the community.
Create an account here: https://www.productioncrate.com/register/ alternatively connect with facebook here: https://member.productioncrate.com/facebook/register.php

Once you are logged in, click on a thumbnail to show the large preview, then click the large blue download button to get the HD & pre-matted file.
With a free membership you can download from the basic libraries on FootageCrate, SoundsCrate, GraphicsCrate, and RenderCrate.
Free memberships are limited to 5 downloads per day.

With a PRO membership you get full access to all our libraries, can download in higher quality (up to 4K on FootageCrate, up to 11K on GraphicsCrate, and HQ Stereo WAV files on SoundsCrate), get access to 3X as much exclusive content throughout the sites (our best assets), and can download faster from our CDN servers.
We love what we do and have always strived to make professional production as accessible as possible.
Yes! Prices will go up. Currently users can upgrade to Pro for the amazingly low promotional price of just $49.00 per month (that comes out to only 3 cents per download per download). These archives add value to most productions in the tens of thousands, and each week (when new exclusive items are uploaded) that value continues to grow. 
If you don't have a credit or debit card you can upgrade by transferring funds from your bank account to your PayPal account and then upgrading through "PayPal Express".

  1. Create a PayPal account or sign in if you already have one.
  2. Log into PayPal and click the "Add Money" icon, found under your PayPal balance.
  3. Select the bank account you want to transfer from, enter the amount, and click "Add".
  4. Pay with PayPal Express HERE.

If you also don't have a bank account and wish to upgrade, send a message to support@productioncrate.com, and let us know how you normally prefer to shop online so we can accommodate you.
If you cannot activate your account, please write our support team at support@productioncrate.com and we can activate it.
You have reached your daily download limit. This is reset each day at 12 AM PST, so come back tomorrow or upgrade for full Pro access.

If you still have remaining free downloads but can not download content then your router or proxy is downloading the content in chunks. This can be resolved by making sure to complete one download before starting another.
How to use the content after downloading:
Don't worry! Our MOV files are all lossless HD and are typically too much for previewers to play correctly, but should look beautiful once dropped directly into your editing suite timeline!

If the colors (especially glows) don't appear correctly, go to "Interpret Footage As" and toggle "Premultiplied" / "Straight", and/or change the layer blend modes.

If you are still having issues simply try downloading another format such as ProRes, MP4 or PNG Sequences, or try Installing / Updating Quicktime to get the PNG codec installed.
If you have tried dropping the VFX directly into your editor timeline and it still won't show up, simply download the item in another format compatible with your editor. For instance you can download the item as a "ZIP - PNG Sequence" format instead, then just unzip the file, and drag and drop the Image Sequence (folder of frames) to your timeline.

(You can see the available formats for each effect by hovering over the blue download icon on the preview video).
In your editor select "Blend Mode Screen", or If you are using iMovie go to the video layer options and select 'Picture in Picture' instead of 'Cutaway'.

If you downloaded an MOV and the item has a black background, make sure that you have the latest version of Quicktime installed. You can additionally try downloading in another format such as PNG Sequences or ProRes 4444.
Legal questions:
Yes! You are free to use our materials in any commercial or non-commercial project, our only requirement is that you do not redistribute the assets themselves.
Yes! The materials can be used in films, television broadcasts, promotional videos and commercials, youtube and vimeo videos, audio books, games, video contract work, etc.. regardless of whether you intend to generate revenue or not. We only require that you do not redistribute the assets themselves, or share them through your own apps without our written consent. For more details regarding additional use cases and scenarios please refer to our full terms of service here.
All materials are provided with a non-transferable use license which grants a lifetime permission to download and use our resources in your projects.
We require that you do not redistribute the files themselves, or violate our TOS, or any laws in your jurisdiction.
Nope, no credit is required. Credit is appreciated, helps us to grow, and helps the community find your videos however.
General questions:
Search new to see the latest 100 items, or put the word "new" before any custom search!

All of our VFX-list pages are also organized with the newest items first, so be sure to bookmark those pages.

To be notified when we add new bundles subscribe to youtube.com/productioncrate - we usually post promo videos for bundles there (Be sure to hit that bell icon too). If you are a Facebook user you can also follow facebook.com/productioncrate for more news and updates.
Yes! All transactions are processed by trusted payment service providers (such as PayPal, Stripe). We do this so our customers' personal information stays secure, encrypted, and protected. Those services don't share personal payment information with anyone (including us) - they simply notify us when a payment is completed or canceled.
Your session cookie is being blocked by your browser when navigating the sites due to an add-blocker or strict browser settings.

You can use vfx.productioncrate.com instead of footagecrate.com, sfx.productioncrate.com instead of soundscrate.com, and graphics.productioncrate.com instead of graphicscrate.com to fix this issue.

Alternatively you can enable 3rd party cookies in your browser settings, or disable any add-blocker extensions.
Yes, your account will remain PRO for the remaining portion of the paid period, however if you choose to upgrade later you may lose access to your original deal.
PayPal Users: You can update your payment cards details from your account settings page on https://paypal.com

Stripe Users: You can update your payment cards details by going to https://member.productioncrate.com/account-settings.php and clicking Modify Account -> Update Payment Card Details.
Active subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by going to https://user.productioncrate.com/member and clicking Subscription -> Cancel.

PayPal users can alternatively unsubscribe by going to their pre-approved payments section on paypal.com and removing ProductionCrate from the listed merchants.
We do our best to keep our PRO plans very affordable, however YES there are a few ways to get free, or even more affordable PRO memberships.

  • Compete! We sometimes provide free Pro upgrades to the winners of our monthly competitions. Check out the current contest page to see the latest prizes.

  • Work in the industry! Many PRO subscribers use the content for their company and clients, and work in countries where they can write off some, or all, of the expense from their taxes. We don't know your situation, and can't provide you tax advice, so check with your tax advisor to see if/how this is applicable to you as well.

  • Educate! Are you a teacher? We also offer FREE PRO UPGRADES to teachers and special rates to their schools when they purchase 10+ student upgrades. Contact us for more info.

  • Go Viral! If you create a youtube video that gets 500k+ views, uses some of our FX, and has a link to productioncrate.com in the first 2 lines of the description you can get a FREE PRO UPGRADE.
No. We do not post anything to facebook on your behalf.
Our bug/bounty program is currently closed. We may open it again at a future date. If the status changes we will post any details of updates to our bounty program here, and if/when rewards may be offered again.
Comp-Ins are renders of either Front and Back or Front and Full simulations or animations. This allows users to place a subject within the effects either using rotoscoping or keying. The FX will then appear to move fully around the subject without any further work required. The layering works in the order of

1) C/I Front
2) Subject (keyed or rotoscoped)
3) C/I Back or C/I Full.
If you have a question that we didn't answer let us know in the comments below, or email us at support@productioncrate.com