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Publication Date: 2023-02-20Version: 1.1 (Last Updated on 2023-06-13)Sample Preview:

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Sound can be an integral part of any visual medium. High-quality audio can elevate a project to new heights, while low-quality audio can detract from it. My go-to site for high-quality audio is, with 5000+ sound effects and music tracks, and new content added monthly. But accessing and importing audio can be time-consuming. However, adding sound to a project can be time-consuming process. This is due to juggling multiple apps and windows.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the SoundsCrate Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, a sound design plugin that we’ve been working on for over a year. This extension gives you access to the entire SoundsCrate library directly within Premiere. It includes special tools to make sound design easier. Best of all, it’s free for ALL ProductionCrate users.


This plugin is built for both Windows AND Mac users. We’ve made it so that installing this extension takes minimal time & effort.

If you download the .exe file for Windows you will be prompted to accept changes to your computer. After you hit accept you will be directed to the Select Menu Folder, we recommend (Default) for optimal performance. Click install and hit finish after confirmation.

If you download the .dmg file for Mac, an install .pkg window will open. Double-click the .pkg to begin installing the extension. When selecting a Folder to install the plugin onto, we recommend saving it to your Mac’s internal hard drive (often labeled Macintosh HD). Follow the subsequent prompts (including logging in with your Apple ID and password) until you receive confirmation that the extension has been installed.

If Premiere was open while installing the extension, close it and restart the app. You should now be able to open the SoundsCrate Plugin in Premiere Pro from the Extensions tab located in the Window menu.

If you wish to uninstall the extension on Windows, you can find the uninstaller in your Main Hard Drive. On Mac computers you will have to manually remove the extension from your Macintosh hard drive through the following File Path: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

Pro & Free Access

Sign in with your ProductionCrate account and browse the SoundsCrate library within Premiere through a dockable window. Pro users can access all of the tracks, while free users can only preview the Pro assets. The amount of available downloads depends on the user’s membership. An open SoundsCrate window must be logged-in for the extension to work.

Direct Import

In the Library tab, select from various categories in the SoundsCrate library. Use the keyword search bar and filters to find specific tracks.

Preview tracks by clicking the left icon and control playback using the bottom controls (1). The middle icon adds the track to the Downloaded library and directly into your timeline (2). Use the right icon to add to the Downloaded folder for later (3). Importing an clip with the Play Peak box selected will place the track at the earliest waveform peak (4). This makes it ideal for timing sound effects and music stingers.

Batch Import & Favorites

You have multiple ways to sort your saved sounds (alphabetical, recently downloaded). Import sounds to your timeline with the add icon. The Batch Import button allows you add multiple selected clips into your timeline at the same time (A). This provides a more flexible option for adding multiple clips. Use the star icon to mark as a favorite, making your frequently used sounds easy top find (B). 

I’ve been using this plugin for over 100 projects so far. The ability to search, download, and import sound effects and music all within one window has greatly increased my efficiency. The batch importing, favoriting, and Play Peak options have made it an indispensable tool for any sound artist. If you have any questions about the plugin, please email, and we’ll be happy to help you get the most out of the SoundsCrate Extension.

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