Create 3D animations from 2D photos, or track in clean plates with this new and free After Effects script.

Crate's Camera Projector Ae Scripts

Publication Date: 2021-08-26Version: 1.1 (Last Updated on 2022-12-27)Sample Preview:
Crate's Camera Projector

Projection mapping is a powerful and extremely useful trick for motion design and visual effects. While the concept is relatively simple, the execution can be extremely difficult with native After Effects tools. That is why we built the Crate’s Camera Projection Script. This Free Adobe AE script allows you to easily follow the guided steps to creating your camera mapping and projection mapping scenes.

To download, just sign in to your Free or Pro ProductionCrate account and click here

This technique is useful for tracking a clean plate into your scene and animating 2d stills to appear 3d.

Check out our step by step tutorial here

If you’re looking to use it for 2D to 3D images, check out this tutorial

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