Hand Drawn Anime Fire Effects

We’ve been getting into some classic Hand Drawn Effects recently! Adobe Animate is a powerful tool, and also happens to be a lot of fun. We’re taking our doodling skills from high-school (maybe the only thing we’ve remembered from those times) and using them to create awesome transitions, fire effects, lighting and more.

4K Toon and Anime Fire VFX

Here’s a timelapse of one of our Fire Animations you can download from FootageCrate. These take a lot of time to perfect, but they’re well worth it!

If you’re curious about Adobe Animate, we’ve made a thorough introductory video on how to use it. We made sure to cover all the information we found useful, so don’t be intimidated by it! There’s a lot to cover, but the software itself is very user-friendly.

Animated Balloon Typekit

If you’re creating an ad, celebrating an event or stylizing a photo these new Gold Balloon Assets will be perfect. We have created letters A-Z, numbers 1-9 and several special characters to give you complete creative freedom.

For video editors we have rendered out looping animations for each character. If you use After Effects, speed up your editing by utilizing the TypeCrate script, which will allow you to simply type in the words you want to appear! A looping  function will automatically be applied to your letters, just drag out the tail end and randomly offset them. Learn more by checking out the TypeCrate Script page.

download balloon letters and numbers

Our rendered letters will work in any editing software, but if you’re looking for even more control, then download the 3D Assets! We rendered our animations with gold, which can be easily changed to any color with the Hue and Saturation effect, but if you want sparkly material or even more ability for tracking into your scene, these 3D assets will give you that ability.

For graphics artists, we rendered out 4K stills for each character. These high-resolution images can be composited into any photo with ease.

Gold Balloon Font

If you’re looking for even more content, you can download Balloon Sound Effects from SoundsCrate!

Meet Danny Shepherd – Director and VFX Artist

I remember coming across a web series 6 years ago that got me excited for indie creators. Usually, webseries tend to bomb. Even when they’re well made, they tend not to get very many views, especially compared to the one-off videos a lot of creators release.

I get it. Watching a series is a commitment we tend to reserve for television, while Youtube is primarily where we watch our short form content. However, Youtube is still one of the best places for indie creators to find their audience, so if they do pull off the unlikely and make a successful series I give them extra props.

Danny Shepherd and the Ismahawk team did just that. In 2014 they released Nightwing: The Series, the first episode now has nearly 8 Million views. Danny and the team have since gone on to make action-packed viral videos, working with some of the top creators you know and love. He was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about their insane journey. Watch the highlights of the interview here.

Camera Related Sound Effects

Whether your character is being stormed by paparazzi, a detective capturing proof of a crime, or an explorer who has found the lost city, they’re going to need some camera sound effects. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

SoundsCrate now has over 20 New Camera Sound Effects. Polaroid cameras, electronic shutters, various clicks, zooming and handling sounds are all available for download.

Give this sample a listen!

We have 22 Camera Sound FX available to Pro Users, and 7 completely free!

Interviewing the Pro’s – The Craters Podcast

We live in truly amazing times. The technology we use, the resources we have and even many of the jobs that pay our bills did not exist only a decade ago. I’m always trying to stay up-to-date with the latest visual effects and film-making resources. I love hearing about creators who are finding their own unique path to success. That’s why I started the Craters Podcast. I’m interviewing different film and video creators who have inspired me, and will now also inspire you.

We’re editing these interviews down to about ten minutes for the Craters Youtube Channel. If you want to hear the full interviews (and trust me, you do), you can find and subscribe to them here:

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts



The full length interviews go into detail on how these artists found their place in the film and video world. These are packed with tips and suggestions from experience in the field, dealing with surprises and taking risks. Learn about their favorite tools, software, hardware, and what they’re most excited about next.

If you’re on a time crunch, check out these cut-down interviews with some of your favorite artists and gurus!

Meet David Blaker – Lead 3D Artist at ProductionCrate

David has been working with us since 2016, creating some of the most iconic visual effects the Crater community has seen. From explosions to 3D models, meet the creator behind some of your favorite assets. David walks us through some of his favorite software, how he’s finding success on Instagram and what his favorite dinosaur is! Watch the interview here –

New and Popular Hand Drawn Words

We have 30 New Hand-Drawn Text and Word Assets available for download. These are in 4K resolution and are some of the most requested text assets we’ve ever created.



Yes way!

We have Call to Actions like Follow Me and Subscribe. We have reactionary words like Yikes, Phew, Gahh and Arghh. You can also download the comic-book inspired words like Bam, Boom, Bonk, Boing and Bang.

There are 30 for you to choose from, see them all here.

Find What You Need Faster – Improved Search Features

We have over 10,000 assets on ProductionCrate. That’s a lot of awesome content to dig through. We do our best to keep everything organized and easy to find, but with the shear volume of content to search you may still have to do a little extra hunting to find the exact asset you need.

Well, not anymore.

Two new features are now available on ProductionCrate. The Broadness Feature, which will control the range of results based on your searched keyword(s), and the Subtraction Feature, allowing you to specify undesired results. Let me explain how these useful tools work.

I’ll start over at SoundsCrate.com, but note that these features are on all ProductionCrate sites.

If I search for ‘Fire‘ I’ll see every search result that has ‘fire‘ in the tags or title. 42 different results pop up, including a song called ‘Light my Fire‘, sound effects of various ‘guns firing’ and ‘fire burning’ sound effects. I just want the ‘fire burning’ sound effect results, so I can toggle the SFX checkbox at the far right.


Now the results are just showing the sound effects, but that still includes all the ‘gun firing’ sound effects when I search for ‘Fire’. I want to clean up my results a bit more, so I can search for

Fire -gun

None of my results will have ‘gun‘ in the title any longer. I can even subtract multiple results. For example, some of my results are ‘missile fire‘ and ‘torches‘ and ‘fireworks‘, none of which I am looking for, so I can search

Fire -gun -missile -torch -fireworks

And my results are down from 42 to 19, most of them are exactly what I’m looking for!

Toggling the broadness as similar abilities, but with more automation. This can mean less control, but you’ll be able to browse quickly. If you search for ‘Aerial Explosion‘ on FootageCrate.com there will be 35 results currently, with the broadness set fairly high. You’ll see ‘aerial blood bursts‘ and ‘anime explosions‘, but if you drag your broadness to 0, you’ll see 18 results, all titled with ‘Aerial Explosion’.

Doing the opposite will increase your search radius, if you max out the broadness you’ll search every title and keyword for both ‘Aerial‘ and ‘Explosion‘, and see all the results. Use these tools to find exactly what you’re looking for from our huge libraries!


From Youtuber to Hollywood – Interview with Chris Clements

The first time I heard of Chris Clements was when my brother forwarded me “Star Wars SC38 Reimagined”, a wonderful video which reinvigorated the somewhat dated Visual Effects in the original Star Wars. The quality of the work was impressive, from the stunt to the effects.

We’ve been doing some interviews with various artists on our new Craters Youtube Channel,  and I figured this was a great time to get to know a bit more about Chris and the work he does. He told me about his start on Youtube creating fun VFX sketches and shorts. His Youtube channel was discovered by some folks in the industry, who contacted Chris for some work. From there he’s gone on to work for Hollywood films and TV shows such as Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate and Netflix’s The Punisher series. Check out the full interview here.

And if somehow you haven’t seen Scene 38 Reimagined, watch it now!


Missile 3D Models – Download

Download 3D Missile Models here

Your 3D projects are about to get even more action-packed with these new 3D missile models.

These have been accurately designed to match real-world missiles as precisely as possible. The high-quality 4K textures give the models truly photorealistic detail, allowing you to get up close to the missile while retaining cinematic realism.

You can animate these along spline paths for full control over their motion, making these easy to use in all 3D software packages.

Download 3D Missile Models for your action movie

These are provided in .OBJ format with PNG textures to ensure maximum compatibility, whether you are using Blender, Cinema4D, 3ds Max, Maya, Element3D, Houdini and more.

Once the model has been imported to your software, simply add the provided textures to your renderer’s material for stunning photorealistic results.

You can utilize our aerial HDRI imagery to create 360° environments to illuminate your projects.

AIM-7 Sparrow Missile 3D Model

Download Sparrow Missile 3D Model

Harpoon Missile 3D Model

Download Harpoon 3D Model

Javelin Missile 3D Model

Download Javelin Missile 3D Model

Nuclear Bomb 3D Model

Download Photorealistic Nuclear Bomb 3D Model

AGM-65 Maverick Missile 3D Model

Download AGM-65 Maverick Missile 3D Model

All users can download the Sparrow missile 3D model for free at full quality. Pro members of the ProductionCrate community can access all 3D assets, as well as 10,000+ more VFX, graphics, music and sound effects from our content library, all at an affordable price. Our constantly growing range of assets is helping creators worldwide build the impossible, no matter what skill level you are at.

In addition to these missiles, you can download our grenade, turrets, bullets and other weapon models to create your ultimate 3D warzone. Combining these with our apocalyptic rubble assets and landscape set extensions provides you with unlimited creativity.

We’re excited to see what projects you create with these 3D missile models!

Sign up to ProductionCrate and start creating today.


Download 3D Missile Models Explosion