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LaForge - The ultimate plugin package for Adobe After Effects


The ultimate plugin package for Adobe After Effects


Available with Pro membership

  • 20+ Effects

    Forge features 20+ exciting effect presets to enhance your VFX workflow.

  • Fully customizable

    A built-in code editor gives you the power to adjust how each effect behaves.

  • GPU Accelerated

    LaForge is optimized to render complex effects at incredible speeds.

Effects included

Create the Impossible

LaForge is ProductionCrate’s GPU-accelerated plugin creation tool for Adobe After Effects. The constantly growing preset library features production-ready effects, built to empower artists and break the boundaries of After Effects.

Build your Effects

Using LaForge’s built-in code editor, all of our presets are completely adjustable through GLSL. Hobbyists, professionals and studios are free to create, modify and expand custom effects within minutes.


Install LaForge for After Effects 2020+ and Premiere Pro 2020+
Requires AMD 22.3.2+, Intel 30+, or Nvidia 473.11 drivers.

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