Q: Can I use the music / video effects in projects that I intend to make money on? A:Yes! You are free to use the downloads...
Getting started & downloading content:
Create an account here: http://api.productioncrate.com/register.php alternatively you can use this link to connect with facebook: http://member.productioncrate.com/facebook/register.php

Once you are logged in, click on a thumbnail to show the large preview, then click the blue download button to get the HD & pre-keyed file.
A Basic Membership allows users 5 daily downloads from FootageCrate and SoundsCrate.

A PRO Membership allows users to download unlimited FX from both our PRO and free archives on FootageCrate and SoundsCrate. This includes true HD downloads (up to 4k resolution).

Approximately half our content is free and half is PRO.
If you cannot activate your account, please write our support team at support@productioncrate.com and we can activate it.
Your session cookie is being blocked by your browser when navigating the sites due to an add-blocker or strict browser settings.

Using footage.productioncrate.com instead of footagecrate.com and sounds.productioncrate.com instead of soundscrate.com should fix this because most browsers allow cookies to be passed between sub-domains.

Alternatively you can enable 3rd party cookies in your browser settings, or disable any add-blocker extensions.
You have reached your daily download limit. This is reset each day around 12 AM UTC, so come back tomorrow or upgrade to a PRO account for unlimited downloads.

If you still have remaining downloads but can not download content then your router configuration is downloading the content in chunks. This can be resolved by making sure to complete one download before starting another.

How to use the effects after downloading:
To maximize quality, playback support, and ease of use, our MOV files are encoded with the PNG codec. Many systems and video editors (including the newest version of AE) have support for this codec built in, but for some users this codec will not work natively.

Installing / Updating Quicktime will fix this - Quicktime can decode MOV files with the PNG codec while preserving the alpha channel, so you can simply add the decoded file as a transparent layer in your video editing software.

If for some reason you can not install Quicktime, you can install the k-lite codec pack, or Perian to get support for the PNG codec, or you can use a video transcoder to convert the files to another format which supports the alpha channel.

Install / Update Quicktime
1. Be sure to have the latest version of Quicktime installed.
2. Under the clip's opacity settings, change the Blending Mode to Screen.
1. Be sure to have the latest version of Quicktime installed.
2. In the video layer options select 'Picture in Picture' instead of 'Cutaway'.

Legal questions about effect usage:
You are free to use ProductionCrate's materials in any commercial or non-commerical project. Our only requirement is that you do not redistribute the effects themselves.
Yes, feel free to use our materials in films, commercials, youtube videos, vimeo videos, audio books, games, video contract work, etc... regardless of whether you intend to generate revenue or not. We only require that you do not redistribute the effects themselves.
All materials are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
We only require that you do not redistribute the files themselves, or violate any laws in your jurisdiction.
No, you are not required to credit us, however links-back are very appreciated and helps us see how users incorporate the content - which we enjoy!

General questions:
You do not need to pay to create a basic account and download the basic level content. To download PRO content you must purchase a PRO membership. Aproximately half our content is free and half is PRO.
We add new content to FootageCrate every week, sometimes daily. We add new Music & SFX to SoundsCrate every month.
All transactions use paypal's trusted servers to help keep our users information secure.
Yes your account will remain PRO for 365 days after your last payment.
Pro memberships can be cancelled at any time through a user's PayPal settings. Simply go into the pre-approved payments and remove ProductionCrate from the listed merchants.
We have kept our PRO plans very affordable at only $39 per year - so most users will be able to budget that in, however...
YES there are a few ways to get free, or even more affordable PRO memberships.

  • Compete! If you win the monthly competition you will get a FREE PRO UPGRADE (for 1 year).

  • Work in the industry! Many PRO subscribers use the content for their company and clients, and work in countries where they can write off some, or all, of the expense from their taxes. We don't know your situation, and can't provide you tax advice, so check with your tax advisor to see if/how this is applicable to you as well.

  • Educate! Are you a teacher? We also offer FREE PRO UPGRADES to teachers and special rates to their schools when they purchase 10+ student upgrades. Contact us for more info.

  • Go Viral! If you create a youtube video that gets 500k+ views, uses some of our FX, and has a link to productioncrate.com in the description you can get a FREE PRO UPGRADE.
Nope, we do not post anything to facebook for you.
Comp-Ins are renders of either Front and Back or Front and Full simulations or animations. This allows users to place a subject within the effects either using rotoscoping or keying. The FX will then appear to move fully around the subject without any further work required. The layering works in the order of

1) C/I Front
2) Subject (keyed or rotoscoped)
3) C/I Back or C/I Full.

If you have a question we missed, let us know!